Adrienne Justice is a sculptor living and working in Philadelphia, PA. She earned her BFA in Ceramics from Pratt Institute in 2008. She has completed residencies at the Watershed Center For the Ceramic Arts, The Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, and the Kent State Blossom Art program. Currently, Adrienne works as an assistant to a well-known Philadelphia artist. She has shown work at numerous galleries throughout the region, and resides with her husband, Nic, and daughter, Poppy in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Adrienne rae justice

My work is informed by the circular nature of the opposition I find as mother, artist, and woman and how I seek to present myself within these socially codified roles.

I have developed a body of narrative figural sculptural work that had formal roots in ceramics. Printmaking, sewing, designing, and drawing have played key supporting roles in my process, but clay – a rich framework full of endless possibilities – is my foundation. My sculptural work in porcelain and stoneware pays homage to the lineage of decorative, adorning, and domestic qualities the medium has historically presented. Themes of repression, fetishization, and display are disseminated through the doll-like, compulsively shaped qualities of my ceramic pieces.

The facelessness, expressionless, and segmented nature of my work explores matters of the psychosexual, inauthenticity in intimacy, and the frivolity and necessity of pleasure. I seek to integrate the levity and gravity of the female experience, while investigating matters of agency, presentation, and consent.